“WEIRD VILLE, AKERSHUS.Wrong move / Heaven and earth / Super States.Tore Lyngseth / Unni Svaboe / Alex Bunn.Transformer Art Hall, Asker.Stands to 18 December. REVIEWA comfortable acceptance of his own oddity. May I repeat what I have already repeated when I now seize what binds these three artists together to such an extent that I […]


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COPENHAGEN February 3 to March 11 2017                                 Opening: February 2, 2017 19:00 Charlottenborg Spring Exhibition is one of the most important open juried exhibitions in Europe and has been held annually at Charlottenborg since 1857. Selected by Alex da Corte […]


There is a chasm between what abstraction means in reference to modern art and it’s usage in most other forms of thought. To logicians and mathematicians abstraction has a similar meaning to extraction; a step taken outside of linear problem-solving in order to reach a more potent generality. To scientists abstraction can mean the same […]

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As I sat down to write this earlier today, I instantly reached for quotes to kick-start my demon engine – that little thing that makes me do the magic that I do. Because I needed a quote. Some funky words of wisdom that would set the tone for what this is all about. I knew […]


Fabeldyr på badet by Stian Gabrielsen http://www.kunstkritikk.no/kritikk/fabeldyr-pa-badet/